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Curriculum Development Coordinator

Coordinate educational content for music education to provide guidelines to music teachers and coaches for developing curricula and conducting courses that afford students the possibility to learn and appreciate a wide range of music. Research, evaluate, and prepare recommendations on curricula, instructional methods, and music instruction materials for school taking in consideration students’ personal and cultural experiences and their multicultural backgrounds. Confer with the Executive Director and the board regarding main instructional areas and to relate curriculum materials to specific instruments and individual student needs in order to extend and develop their own interest and increasing ability to evaluate musical quality. Advice teaching and administrative staff in curriculumdevelopment, use of musical instruments and scores, and implementation of music instruction methods. Conduct or participate in music education workshops and conferences. Recommend, order, and authorize purchase of instructional materials and instruments designed to meet student educational needs and the school’s standards. Coordinate monthly student recitals, ensuring students are well prepared, and communicate performance expectations to faculty. Accompany and rehearse with participants when necessary. Develop instructional materials, guidelines and methods to be used by teachers. Reviews and update music scores and teaching methods to ensure that students are properly being instructed. Inspects instruments to determine if repairs are needed, and participate in yearly reviews and observations of faculty to ensure curriculum and teaching standards are met. Assist with outreach and special events, including yearly fundraisers and festivals and communicate with teachers and parents.

Requirements: Master’s degree in Music and 18 months of experience developing, coordinating, and supervising music programs and performances for musical education and vocational programs and 12 months experience with music instruction.

Please send resume and cover letter to director@newschoolofmusic.org.


No internships are open at this time.


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