Choral Program

buy Quetiapine money buy Choral Program Health and Safety Plan

NSM and the choral program are committed to the health and safety of our singers, their families, and our faculty. We will be following all guidelines put forth by the health department, the CDC, as well as the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) and its collaborating partners. Here is our plan for in-person Choir Program rehearsals:

  1. buy Lyrica All singers and faculty will be required to mask, no exceptions, as we know singing is a high exhalation and aerosol producing activity. (Singer’s masks will be provided to all choral program participants.)
  2. buy modafinil in india Singers will be spaced 6 feet apart.
  3. Windows and a door to the room will be open for air circulation and a HEPA air cleaner will also be used to help enhance the air exchange rate. 
  4. Rehearsals will take place indoors. After 30 minutes of singing, the room will be cleared for a break to allow for air change and clear the air of accumulated aerosols. 
  5. The room will be aired during the transition between choirs. 

As with all NSM activities, we ask that students stay home and contact if they are not feeling well, have tested positive, or have had an exposure to COVID-19. We use this information for contact tracing purposes and will make every effort to respect your privacy.

***NSM reserves the right to change these protocols based on local case rates, positive testing percentages, and public health recommendations. Any changes will be communicated to Choir Program families via email.***

The Vision of the Choral Program at New School of Music:

  • To create literate musicians and instill artistic excellence through choral music.
  • To provide its members with a broad experience of choral singing through music from different time periods, cultures, and genres.
  • To foster musical independence, leadership, self-confidence, teamwork, discipline, and commitment in all singers.
  • To enrich the lives of singers from all cultural and economic backgrounds. Training Choir | ages 5-8

Saturdays 9:00-10:00 am | Director: Rachael Chagat
Tuition: $397 | Register now!

Singers will be introduced to the fundamentals of choral singing with focus on building the necessary skills of pitch-matching, listening, and rhythm. *This ensemble does NOT require an audition. Repertory Chorus* | ages 9-17

Saturdays 10:15 am-12:00 pm | Director: Rachael Chagat
Tuition: $485 | Register now!

Emphasis in this ensemble will be on proper vocal technique, sight reading skills, aural training, and musicianship. Singers will explore and perform secular, sacred, and popular music as well as music from different cultures and genres. This ensemble will exhibit the highest level of music making and choral singing.

*Membership in this choir is by audition only. Auditions for the spring term will be held on Saturday February 4th, please fill out this form, or contact director Rachael Chagat at

Repertory Chorus Audition Requirements

Prepared Song (memorized) – This song can be a folk song, a chorus song from school choir, a hymn, art song, Broadway song, patriotic song, multicultural song, etc. Please bring an extra copy for the pianist.

Happy Birthday (a capella) – The singer will be asked to sing this song without piano accompaniment and will only be given the starting pitch. Click here for a copy of the music.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat (canon) – The singer will be asked to sing this song in canon (a round ) with another person. The singer should be prepared to perform either part of the canon. Click here for a copy of the music.

Additional Audition activities:

Vocalises (warm-ups) to check range.

Tonal Memory and Ear Training – The singer will be asked to sing back, on ‘loo’, a short melody that has been sung to them. The singer will be asked sing back the different notes of a triad that have been played on the piano.

Rhythmic accuracy and Memory – The singer will be asked to echo a short rhythmic pattern that has been clapped to them.

Reading – The singer will be asked to read a short poem.

“I love choir because it feels like a family.” ~Ruby, age 10
“Choir is one place where I can be myself without judgment. The people are fun and everyone loves to sing.” ~ Julia, age 15
“The two things I love most about choir are that we sing really nice songs and everyone is so kind.” ~ Lyanne, age 9
“You get to meet new people and sing new songs!” Maisy, age 10