Guest Artists

Saturday, October 27th from 12:30-1:30pm


Lee the squirrel is not cute. Or cuddly. Or adorable. She lives in a trash can and she’s totally fine with it. But one day she gets whisked away to a weird new world of green trees, fresh air and forest creatures. To be honest, she’s kinda freaked out . . .

Come join Lee on her magical journey from the frantic, trash-munching life she knows, to real friendship, peace, and self-knowledge. Presented with live Brazilian folk music, story-telling, and movement, Lee and the Tallest Tree is a 30-minute 2-person play that offers moments of startling transformation. Simple objects like hats and chairs transform to become parts of the forest, or the creatures that live there. Musical instruments transform the silence into a cityscape or a forest at night. And Lee finds out how to transform her tough-talk into real courage – by opening her heart.

  • Half-hour Performance
  • Brazilian-Percussion workshop
  • Q & A

Theater of Eternal Values is an international theater troupe that tells ancient and modern stories with heart and humor. We incorporate meditation into our rehearsal process and include moments of peace and reflection in our plays, as well as plenty of adventure! Through theater, we explore the ‘Eternal Values’ of innocence, courage, connection, integration – we believe great storytelling brings out the best in our communities and ourselves!

Poornima Kirby is an actress, playwright and teacher, who specializes in devised theater and Shakespeare. She has appeared with local companies such as Actors’ Shakespeare Project and the A.R.T., and is Artistic Director for Theater of Eternal Values here in the U.S.

Tarciso Alves is a vocalist, guitarist and percussionist, specializing in such Brazilian folk styles as Forro, Baiao and Samba. A native of Sertania, Brazil, he has toured with his band in Brazil’s north east, and since moving to the U.S. has appeared with his Forro band in multiple festivals in New York and Boston. He has also released two CDs featuring covers as well as original compositions.

Saturday, November 3rd from 12-2pm
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This two hour workshop contains two parts: a hands-on, interactive introduction to proper alignment of the body using key concepts from yoga and yogic breathing techniques as they pertain to musicianship and a dynamic application of these concepts to performance in a masterclass setting. The concepts of body alignment taught in yoga are extremely useful for all musicians as they encourage proprioceptive awareness and a tension-free stance. The group will be led through a series of yoga postures specifically aimed at preparing the body to perform by eliminating tension and facilitating proper alignment. Pranayama breathing techniques will also be presented and are used to help musicians become more aware of the movements of their breath, aid in developing breath control, and to help calm pre-performance nerves. This workshop will introduce these concepts to the entire group and then apply them to the performance of 2-4 participants.

Past Guest Artists:

Ari & Mia (2018)
Bored of Health (2017)
Chiu-Villafranca Duo (2017)
Chelsea Basler, soprano (2017)
Evangelia Leontis, soprano (2017)
Brian Moll, piano (2017)
Margarita Nuller, piano (2016, 2017, 2018)
Joshua Peckins, violin (2018)
Stephen Porter, piano (2016)
Krista River, mezzo-soprano (2016)
Stephanie Scarcella, mezzo-soprano (2016)
Sergey Schepkin, piano (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
Rasa Vitkauskaite and Shizue Sano, duo piano (2016)