Performathon 2019!

Sunday, April 7th from 12-5pm

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Dear NSM Community,

It seems like just a week ago I was writing our welcome letter for the academic year, and yet here we are, moving into Spring! The spring brings with it a community favorite – our Annual NSM Performathon taking place on Sunday April 7, 2019. Whether you are a Performathon veteran or a first time performer, this packet will include all the information you need to sign up, recruit sponsors, and get ready for the big day. Additionally, we’re improving upon some of last year’s guidelines, so there are lots of details to follow!

What is the Performathon?
The NSM Performathon is a day-long fundraising and performance extravaganza! We hold 5 consecutive student recitals, which begin at 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00pm respectively. Students should sign up for a recital as they normally would, but this time there is a fun sponsorship component, prizes, a bake sale, and lots of excitement throughout the day.

All funds raised during the Performathon go towards our Scholarship Fund, which enables us to give out more than $10,000 in need-based scholarships each year.

How do I participate?

1. Ask your teacher if you are ready to perform. Your teacher can help you decide what piece or pieces you can have prepared, and help you come up with a plan to practice and get ready for the event.

2. Fill out the Performer Entry Form, which is available to download to the right, or to pick up at NSM. When you fill out this form, you get a chance to tell us what your top 3 preferred performance slots are. We will do our best to get everyone their first or second choice. This form is due by end of day of March 29, 2019, and also lets us know what you’re going to perform, a little bit about you for our program bios, and other information that will help us stay organized. We’ll let you know what performance slot you’re in no later than Friday, April 5.

3. Recruit some friends and family to sponsor you. We want you to feel proud of the work you’ve done and give you a way to get the word out to your friends. You can ask family and friends to support you in your practicing and performing. Included in this packet is a Pledge Chart.

We recommend choosing a particular activity to complete during the month that will help you prepare for the Performathon! For example, you can pledge to practice every day from a certain start day till the day of the concert. Then, track your practice sessions on the chart, and ask your family, friends, and maybe even your teachers, to sponsor your pledge. A sample request is below:

“I will be participating in the New School of Music’s Annual Performathon on April 8th! This year I have pledged to practice every day between now and my performance. Would you be interested in sponsoring me for $1 for each practice session I complete? I will total up my sessions and let you know how I did! All of the proceeds from this event go towards NSM’s scholarship fund!”

Other ideas for pledges:

o Practice your piece or pieces a certain number of times
o Practice a certain number of minutes or hours between now and the event

Don’t feel comfortable pledging or just want to perform? That’s okay, too. We’d love our students to get involved as much as they want and can. You decide what is best for you. If your family and friends just want to give you a one-time donation that’s also fine!

4. Total up your pledges and see how you did! This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Collect pledges directly from your sponsors and return to NSM on the day of the Performathon, or any time during the month of April.
  • Total up your pledges. Write a check for that amount made out to the New School of Music, and then collect from your sponsors after the event.

We’ve also included a Sponsor Contact Sheet in this packet to help you stay organized.
Prizes will be given for the student who raises the highest total amount, and also the student with the most individual donors!

5. Perform!! Your sponsors can even come and see you perform. Invite your friends, family, and have fun while celebrating all the hard work you did practicing and preparing.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Bake items for a bake sale
Volunteer to help set up or break down before and after the events
Help us at the check in table

If you have any questions, concerns, or anything at all, don’t hesitate to let us know. As always, you can reach us at (617) 492-8105 and or