Performathon 2021!

April 10 & 11, 2021

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Important Links:
Performer Entry Form
Donation Page

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What is the Performathon?
The NSM Performathon is our annual fundraising and performance extravaganza! This year we will be holding this event virtually. You can participate in several ways!

  • Submit a video performance to be included in the recitals
  • Join in a viewing party of the recitals! There will be viewing parties for both our faculty and students recitals. The viewing parties will be open to the whole NSM community!
  • Make a donation to support NSM, and share your participation with family and friends to encourage their support! Gifts to NSM can be dedicated to a student performer or teacher!

Funds raised during the Performathon go towards our Scholarship Fund, which enables us to give out more than
$10,000 in need-based scholarships each year. Additionally, funds will also go toward necessary upkeep of NSM’s building to make it a safe and comfortable place for music-making!

How to Enter:

Submit the entry form with your video here. The deadline for entry to the Performathon is Thursday, April 1st.

Tips for making a video performance:

  • Keep performance length to under 5 minutes
  • Check your microphone settings to turn off any “automatic noise reduction.” Since most microphones connected to computers or our phones are programmed for voices, they can often cut out the sounds coming from instruments. You may need to test this a few times to find the right setting/sound.
  • Try to record with as little other sound in the room as possible (no fans running, for example), l if you turned off the automatic noise reduction.
  • Record yourself with plenty of light pointing toward you, not coming from behind
  • Have fun! There is no such thing as a perfect performance, so the recording doesn’t need to be perfect either. We’re just excited to hear our students play.

How to view the recitals:

Faculty Recital Viewing Party: Saturday, April 10 at 2:00pm

Student Recital Viewing Parties: Sunday, April 11 at 12:00pm, 2:00pm, and 4:00pm

The recitals will be posted on Youtube, and will be available to be viewed if you can not attend a viewing party. More details will be posted soon!


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