Health and Safety

At the New School of Music, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and families. This page is to communicate what we are currently doing to keep our community healthy. It will be updated regularly as public health trends, available data, and recommendations evolve. 

Updated NSM Policies- Effective 7.1.21

With more and more of our faculty members becoming fully vaccinated, as well as low case counts in the community, NSM is now able to modify our health and safety guidelines.

What is staying the same:

  • Masks that cover the mouth and nose must be worn while in common spaces in the building. If you forget your mask, or it gets wet or dirty, we can provide one for you.
  • In-person lessons and classes will take place only if both the instructor and the student feel safe doing so.
  • Parents or other family members may come inside to wait for a student during their lessons, or for pick up/drop off.
  • In-person registration and inquiries are now by appointment only.

What is changing:

  • No need to sign in at the front door.
  • Not all lessons and classes need to be masked and socially distanced (details below).
  • Class sizes can increase.
  • Some woodwind and voice lessons can be in-person.

The following guidelines are for staff and students who show no symptoms of COVID-19. Staff and students who show symptoms should stay home until receiving a negative test result or until 10 days after symptoms started (with feeling better and no fever).

NSM asks that you defer to the risk tolerance of the most cautious person in a particular lesson or class- for example, if one person (student, family member, or teacher) prefers to keep masks on, please respect their wishes and keep that lesson or class masked. We want to make the school a safe and welcoming environment for people of all health considerations.

For Vaccinated Staff

Teaching Vaccinated Students:

-may teach private lessons with no safety measures in place (masks/distancing)

-may teach voice and wind instruments in person unmasked


Teaching Unvaccinated Students:

-may teach private lessons with no safety measures in place (masks/distancing)

-if in close proximity (e.g. sitting on the same piano bench), masks are encouraged but not required

-voice students should remain masked

-wind instruments should remain distanced

-windows should be open if possible


Teaching Groups- Mixed Unvaccinated/Vaccinated Students

-students may be unmasked for most activities. (Some group classes and programs may require masks while indoors.)

-masks should be worn for singing (and chanting, yelling, etc.)

-social distancing does not need to be maintained; please continue to use good basic hygiene, not share water bottles, etc.

-windows should be open if possible

For Unvaccinated Staff

-lessons and classes must remain masked and distanced (minimum of 6 feet)

NSM reserves the right to ask any person (student, faculty, family member, staff, etc.) to leave if their symptoms or behaviors present a risk to others at the school.

Contact Tracing Notice:

If you develop symptoms or receive positive test results for COVID-19 and have been at NSM in the past 14 days, we ask that you email Contact tracing is an essential part of containing the pandemic, and we need to be able to inform others of possible exposure. We will make every attempt to preserve your privacy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Together, we can keep each other safe and continue to make great music!

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