Steinway Grand Piano Fund

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The New School of Music is a unique asset to our community and a high quality piano for our concert hall is a key ingredient to fulfilling the school’s mission in providing outstanding music education opportunities.

  • We believe that a new piano in the concert room will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by the entire NSM community. Whether it is being used by students for a piano recital, teachers for a master class, or guest performers for a concert, an instrument that truly responds will bring new energy and new experiences to the school. With this in mind, the New School of Music hopes to acquire a Steinway grand piano.
  • We are glad to have your support for this project. This will be a piano that will last for generations – a truly transformative instrument allowing for musicians of all levels to develop their skills and for audience members to experience the sounds of a wonderfully balanced and versatile piano. [/colored_box]

Purchase a piano key and you’ll help the New School of Music acquire a rebuilt Steinway Grand Piano!

How It Works: Each of the 88 keys on a piano keyboard is assigned a dollar value

White Keys = $100 donation | Black Keys = $50 donation

Donors can purchase one or more keys – even an entire octave!
Through this fundraiser, we’ll be able to raise $7,000 for a Steinway Grand Piano for NSM’s concert room!! Help lead the way and buy a key today!

Make sure to tell us what key & the name you would like to purchase. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. 

[three_fourth_last]You can donate online through the secure website or mail a check, made payable to the New School of Music,
25 Lowell Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

The New School of Music is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

If you would like additional information on how you can support the Steinway Grand Piano Fund, please call 617.492.8105 or email[/three_fourth_last]


Steinway Fund Donors

Leadership Circle $2000+
Holly & David Ambler
Nancy Buck & James Sebenius
Head Family Foundation
Steve Netsky & Beth Horning
Christine & David Gross-Loh
Trudi Van Slyck

Benefactor $1000+
Elizabeth P. Barringer and John A. Clark
Buck & Sebenius Family, in honor of Catherine Lawlor
Ducrest Family
Peter & Helen Hiam
William & Lynn Porter
Sustainer $500+
Marcia Head
Catherine Lawlor
LaMond & Moore Family, in honor of Catherine Lawlor
Dorthy Miller
Hugh O’Reilly & Andrea Lordan
Emily Romney & George Hein

Patron $250+
Joshua Ellsworth & Julia Gaviria
F. William Green
Rosabeth Kanter
Elon Kohlberg
Link Medical Computing
Norma Massarotti
Jayna McLaughlin
Mary Jane Rupert


Supporter, $100+
Pamela Ambrose & Tim McFarland
Susan Bellows & Jeff Knight
Elizabeth Call
Ai-Ying Chiu & Daniel Jepson
Lauren Cook
Dorothy Crawford
Meliti Dikeos & John Hollister
Judith & Harry Ellenzweig
Winifred Hentschel
Patti Intrieri
Jack Lifsitz
Alexandra Moellmann
Jacqueline Olds
Parimal Patil
Wendy Prellwitz
Nan Waldstein

Friend $25+
Renate Bock
Sisi Chen
Kai-Ching Chang
Rachel Cobb
David Cohen
Harvey Diamond
Phyllis Ewen & Jim Campen
Heather Fontaine-Doyle
Deborah Hill
Andrew Hrycyna
Barbara Kapp
Shahram Khoshbin
Sanae Koinuma
Rozann Kraus
Ewa Lajer-Burcharth & Martin Burcharth
Annette LaMond & Joseph Moore III
Hanzheng Li
Mary McDonnell
Eva Mosley
Jack Nichols
Mark Paley
Vibha Pingle
Ana Schultz
Gordan Senzer
Elise & Richardson Tally
Anne Hooper Webb
Yuan Mei Xing