Zoom Recital Information

Zoom Recital Information:

You will receive an email with a link to the Zoom call and a recital program a few days before the concert. The Executive Director will host the recitals and announce each performer when it is their turn.


Virtual Concert Etiquette:

When others are performing, please mute yourself so we can hear them as well as possible. We will unmute briefly after each performer for applause!
If you are comfortable, leave your camera on when you are listening- it feels more like a live concert when we can see each other. If you are not comfortable with that, you are welcome to listen with your camera turned off. And of course, please have your camera and microphone on when you are performing!
Each performer will be announced; please keep track of where we are in the program, though, so that you’re ready for your turn.


Can I attend if I’m not performing?

Yes, absolutely! Email Caroline at director@newschoolofmusic.org for a link and a program.


Can I invite friends and family?

Definitely! Email them a link and a program.