Suzuki Method

Suzuki Private Lessons & Group Class 

Faculty: Sally Martin

The Suzuki Method is an organic approach to learning to play violin, specifically geared toward very young children, sometimes starting as young as 3 years old. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki referred to it as the Mother-Tongue method of learning, with the idea that all children are born with the ability to learn to play the violin, just as they have the innate ability to learn their native language. So all children have talent.  

The principles that Suzuki incorporates in his method include: 

– Early start 

– Daily listening 

– Parental involvement 

– Imitation, repetition, and review 

– Daily practice 

– Positive reinforcement 

– Interaction with other children 

One of the unique and very effective elements of the Suzuki Method is group instruction. In addition to weekly private lessons, all students participate in a weekly group class. This is a time to reinforce skills learned in the private lessons, often in fun ways or as games. Children review pieces and learn the skill of playing together. Ear training and music theory are introduced in the group class; it also provides performance opportunities in a casual, supportive atmosphere. It is motivating and encouraging for children to see others learning the same things!

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